Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heat Wave

I'm going to write in this thing again.  At least right now--I have no idea about the future.

I'm not really sure if anyone reads this (wow, what a trite thing to say (also, whenever I use the word trite I think of Dr. Budds)), but I don't think that matters.  Frank is playing Skyrim right next to me, so I felt like writing a little to pass the time.

I've been really sick lately.  My third sinus infection of the year.  I thought the second was bad timing, but now that the third is (slowly) running its course, I'm beginning to think there could be something wrong.  It could be anything, really.  Maybe it's just the gross allergens around because they never really froze off in the winter.  Maybe I have a deviated septum (what??!!).  Maybe I'm allergic to gluten (please don't say I can't make cookies anymore).  Maybe our house is just dirty.  I don't know.  But it's damn stressful.  I get the kind of sinus infection (maxillary?) where your cheeks and teeth ache.  Not only do they ache, but they freak out when you eat hot and cold things, and you go to the dentist and he says nothing is wrong, and you can only eat on one side of your mouth for a few weeks, and then the other side starts hurting, so you can only live off of smoothies you sip through a straw, and the thought of eating ANYTHING terrifies you.  And all your husband wants to do is grill steaks.

That's basically been my life the past few weeks.  Sometimes Frank and I go to Oceans of Fun and jump in the fake waves and float around on tubes.  Our house is full of amazing produce from our CSA (note: everyone should have one of these, please) and we are constantly eating beautiful fruits and veggies.  I am babysitting a lot, and it is hilarious.  Frank and I both had our birthdays this month, and they were perfect (even though I thought both of them were going to be a little underwhelming...).  A Mary Kay sales associate I met while drunk at a party somehow found my phone number on her husband's phone tree from a choir gig and has called me about 5 times this month trying to give me a facial, even though I have been deliberately (and angrily) avoiding her calls like the plague.  I met and sang with Simon Carrington and he is an amazing man with an amazing career.  Everyone in the world is getting married and having babies.  Johann the fish died after being alive for 2.75 years--we buried him in the back yard under a tree and like to talk to him while we are picnicking and playing croquet.  I beat Frank at croquet ONCE.  We watched season four of True Blood in two days, and I am still terrified/obsessed.

I think that's it.  The important stuff, anyway.

I'm frustrated with how things are going.  Well, what I mean by that is I'm frustrated with all the drama from the past several months.  It's been one of those years where bad things keep happening at every turn.  It makes me emotional and tired.  I think it's good, though, that I'm able to make my career as an artist, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to sing when things get crazy.