Monday, March 29, 2010


I did a concert a while back for my friend Go (an awesome Baroque violinist) of a virtuosic soprano motet by Vivaldi, "In Furore Guistissime Irae." I don't do Vivaldi very much, so the piece kind of freaked me out. I personally think his music is a little too acrobatic and aggressive for my voice... But Go posted the videos from the concert and I actually think they're pretty good!

Here's the third of the four movements. I like the end a whole lot. If you're looking for something more impressive, check out the last movement (or the first, I suppose). And, if you like it, you should listen to the other pieces from the concert, like the Bach triple concerto.

Ahh... don't you love the Baroque??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lasagna Date

Frank and I decided to make the world's most extravagant and labor-intensive lasagna EVER last night. Used this recipe from Food Network and decided to get more protein and veggies by adding brined and boiled chicken and sauteed zucchini. Oh my gosh, so decadent and so amazing, although I think it would have been better by ditching the tomato sauce and adding something creamier and less acidic to work with the spinach and chicken. Soooo good, though. It was funny because we both made out own while talking over speakerphone, so we ended up with pounds of lasagna! How will I ever be able to finish? Anyone hungry?
My lasagna, fresh out of the oven.

The ooey gooey first slice.

Frank's first homemade lasagna experience--it looks great, I'm so proud! Do you enjoy the mountain dew in the beer stein?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kitchen Gems!

While in Bloomington I try to cook as much as possible to save as much money as possible, (and I freaking love to cook!) but usually I get home from a long day and watch south park on my computer and consequently cook up the same thing over and over. I mean, it's awesome food (sauteed black beans, onions, and brown sugar over rice, anyone?) but I'm often too tired to be adventurous. As of lately, however, I am absolutely smitten with the smitten kitchen blog, and after cooking all week for my honey over break, I came back to Bloomington rechargedand ready to try new things. I'm one of those cooks who scoffs at recipes (cuz I'm just so darn creative) but sometimes a cook's gotta have guidance, so I've been embracing the smitten kitchen inspiration and trying her awesome dishes. And I've GOT to get you to make this amazing chicken salad. Okay, okay, I know chicken salad sounds lame and boring, but this stuff has walnuts, cranberries, shallots, tarragon, and of course juicy, brined chicken. You have GOT to make it, and eat it. I am obsessed. And you will be, too!!

Speaking of cooking, I just got back from Spring Break, which was spent with the Frankster (and a freak spring snow storm) in Kansas City.
He was crazy busy the whole time, so I cooked for him almost every night (he even cooked for me!!), and the visit culminated with our collaboration meal, pictured here:
On the plate was the orange honey mustard chicken breast, Lindsey's famous mashed potatoes (they really are famous), and Frank's newest creation, which I will call the broccoli surprise--the surprise being that the broccoli is actually sauteed with prosciutto and shallots and topped with asiago cheese. He made it up all by himself, and I couldn't be prouder!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mmmmm Morning

I think that iChat is basically the coolest thing ever, and Frank and I found out that video chatting makes missing each other 20 times better. And because he's a computer genius, he set up our iChats to automatically video chat with each other without the other's consent. So that means surprise popping in on each other whenever we're at home. It's kind of the best idea he ever had!

So this morning I slept in a little and then roused myself out of bed to make banana nut pancakes and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Such a great morning!! And I plopped down in front of my computer to pop in and share my breakfast with Frank, who looked so cute I couldn't help but take this picture!

In less than 24 hours he and I will be spending a busy weekend together--our first visit in a month!