Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Girl

I got the church job.  And MAN it is a big girl job.  All of the sudden I've gone from teaching a few lessons a week in my living room to forming search committees for new staff members, writing budgets and job descriptions, planning funerals, buying Christmas music, trying to figure exactly WHAT I'm allowed to do during Lent.

It's very overwhelming, but I am pretty sure that it is what I am supposed to be doing, and I think that once all the newness settles down, and new staff are hired, and Christmas is OVER (dear Lord it hasn't even begun yet...) I will really enjoy this job.  I was thinking about my grandma the other day, about how much I admired her and looked up to her.  She was a church organist and also an amazing pianist. I'd like to think that I'm paying homage to her in this job, almost like I'm saying "Nana, thanks for everything you taught me about music, and now I get to follow in your footsteps!"

That sounds corny.

BUT it's a good time in the Lang-Fleschner household.  A STRESSFUL, CRAZY time, but an exciting time.

Oh, and I'm watching the debate.  UGH.