Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cry Fest

We went to see Finding Nemo in 3D tonight.  Am I the only one who cries during the entire movie every time?  I think yes.
We had a "choir retreat" weekend full of looonnnngggg rehearsals, so it hasn't really seemed like a weekend.
I just realized that two weeks from today I will have just done a gig in Canada.  Boy am I swanky.  Canada.  I've MADE it.
The hamsters are rolling around my feet in their balls.  I love our funny little animal family.
Oh, and Aunt Sharon gave us a dog raincoat for Nelson.  when he wears it he looks like a little yellow butterfly and we are freaking out waiting for it to rain.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So I applied for the choir director job at our church, I'm not sure if I mentioned that or not.   At first I wasn't sure if I wanted the job, but now I'm pretty sure I do--I think it's made for me, and I think I'm the best person for it.  It's nerve-wracking now because there are other people in the running as well, and I don't know where I stand.  This is such a stressful situation right now, but it's real nice when the choir members come up to me and tell me what a good job I am doing.  I appreciate it SO much.  It really makes me want to stay on the job, to know there are people who care about me so much.

That's all.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Morning

Today we took the pup on a loong walk (for his standards) and it was the perfect morning.  We walked the Trolly Trail all the way to the Roasterie in Brookside, and sat outside and drank coffee while Nelson sat next to us and watching all the interesting humans.  Then Cortney and Zach joined us and we took off on a short treasure hunt.  Best Saturday.

Tomorrow is the crazy Sunday jazz service.  That is why I haven't returned emails and phone calls for over a week.  Logistics have been consuming my life.  Then job interview for said church job, then rehearsal.  Tomorrow will not be nearly as sweet as today.  But I don't think our pup could take another walk like that for a long time.