Sunday, August 5, 2012


Frank and I just adopted a puppy!

(Well, not a "puppy"--he's an adult...)

We are in love.  He is amazing.  Came to us house-broken and crate-trained.  A sweet two-year-old Boston Terrier named Nelson.  We have a lot of anxiety here in the beginning, though, as we remember Penny (another story, for those not in the know).  But we are constantly surprised with how well-behaved he is, and his ability to sleep through the night without barking (as far as we know).

I am still sick all the time.  But I am dealing with it.  Always using advil at every waking moment.  Started using the neti pot, which is both terrifying and exhilarating.

I'm all of the sudden struck with nostalgia watching the women's gymnastics team at the Olympics.  I remember 1996, with Dominique Mociano's floor routine and Kerri Strug's vault as being extremely important in my childhood!  And now this year's team is constantly referred to in conjunction with '96, showing old videos, me crying the whole time.  It's great.

July was insanity, filled with gigs gigs gigs, which is nice, and I am thankful, but it was exhausting.  A week-long trip to NYC with the Sackbuts, a weekend in Virginia for Frank's aunt's wedding, a week on the road with Prometheus, and then some lute songs here in KC with JEMS fest.  And then on Monday I found out I am taking over for Alan at Asbury as the interim director.  I am terrified and excited (much like the neti pot, yes).  All the while singing, babysitting, cleaning, and now raising this sweet dog.  Let's see how this goes...