Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kitchen Gems!

While in Bloomington I try to cook as much as possible to save as much money as possible, (and I freaking love to cook!) but usually I get home from a long day and watch south park on my computer and consequently cook up the same thing over and over. I mean, it's awesome food (sauteed black beans, onions, and brown sugar over rice, anyone?) but I'm often too tired to be adventurous. As of lately, however, I am absolutely smitten with the smitten kitchen blog, and after cooking all week for my honey over break, I came back to Bloomington rechargedand ready to try new things. I'm one of those cooks who scoffs at recipes (cuz I'm just so darn creative) but sometimes a cook's gotta have guidance, so I've been embracing the smitten kitchen inspiration and trying her awesome dishes. And I've GOT to get you to make this amazing chicken salad. Okay, okay, I know chicken salad sounds lame and boring, but this stuff has walnuts, cranberries, shallots, tarragon, and of course juicy, brined chicken. You have GOT to make it, and eat it. I am obsessed. And you will be, too!!

Speaking of cooking, I just got back from Spring Break, which was spent with the Frankster (and a freak spring snow storm) in Kansas City.
He was crazy busy the whole time, so I cooked for him almost every night (he even cooked for me!!), and the visit culminated with our collaboration meal, pictured here:
On the plate was the orange honey mustard chicken breast, Lindsey's famous mashed potatoes (they really are famous), and Frank's newest creation, which I will call the broccoli surprise--the surprise being that the broccoli is actually sauteed with prosciutto and shallots and topped with asiago cheese. He made it up all by himself, and I couldn't be prouder!!


James said...

I'm so glad you're smitten! Deb is my secret gem for many amazing culinary feats. Oh, and that baby? Cutest thing EVER.

Lindsey412 said...

I know! The baby is the only reason I wake up each morning!

Fodoz said...

glad to see a new blog update--it's crazy, i am in LOVE with smitten kitchen and just this very night i made this beautiful mushroom pie! http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/11/mushroom-and-barley-pie/

crazy coincidence. i love that website. i could spend hours there. i love looking at all the beautiful pictures!

by the way, 45 minutes was waaay too long, at least for my oven. the puff pastry got a little burnt at the corners. but it's really good. i put olives in it per smitten's suggestion, but it could even use more kick.