Monday, March 29, 2010


I did a concert a while back for my friend Go (an awesome Baroque violinist) of a virtuosic soprano motet by Vivaldi, "In Furore Guistissime Irae." I don't do Vivaldi very much, so the piece kind of freaked me out. I personally think his music is a little too acrobatic and aggressive for my voice... But Go posted the videos from the concert and I actually think they're pretty good!

Here's the third of the four movements. I like the end a whole lot. If you're looking for something more impressive, check out the last movement (or the first, I suppose). And, if you like it, you should listen to the other pieces from the concert, like the Bach triple concerto.

Ahh... don't you love the Baroque??

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James said...

I hate to be easily wowed, but these are incredible, absolutely enchanting. I'm so upset I don't get to come to Bach in a few weeks. :(