Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Meal Extravaganza

Despite all its beauty, Holy Week was ridiculously exhausting. I've never worshiped through this holiday as an Episcopalian, so this past week of singing at Trinity was unexpected to say the least. At the end of a very busy Easter day, after each taking extended naps, Frank and I decided to cook an Easter meal together (over the phone, of course).

For some reason I was craving red meat BIG time, so I thought Lamb would be the perfect protein to cook up. I found some cheap, beautiful lamb chops at Kroger (who knew??), but Frank couldn't find anything he'd want to sink his teeth into after going to two different stores and settled for pork loin instead.

At a farmer's market last year, a lady selling locally-raised lamb told me that the best way to cook it was to sear it with apple cider vinegar until it was thoroughly caramelized on both sides. Having done it several times since, I can confirm that it's my FAVORITE way to cook and eat lamb. So I did just that, and served it alongside mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus.

Frank did the same thing to his pork, and rumor has it, it turned out pretty good.

After the amazing food I returned to reality and somehow made it through an insanely busy week of school. Yesterday I randomly sprained my ankle and made the mistake of walking on it all day, thinking it was okay. Well, by the afternoon it was the size of a watermelon and I couldn't put any weight on it... And seeing as how when I wrap it, my foot won't fit inside my rainboots (I can only wear open flats), the past two days of monsoon rain were very unpleasant for me. And tonight I rewarded myself and my ankle by cooking up the rest of my Easter asparagus into a creamy asparagus soup. I used this epicurious recipe and pretty much followed it exactly, except not making as much.

The PERFECT bowl of soup. I want it every day. Maybe I will when Frank and I start up...our new garden! Well, we won't be able to grow asparagus, but that was really just a transition into my exciting news! I feel like I'm announcing that we're having a baby, but really it's just a garden. But the anticipation is just as intense. We searched for weeks and weeks and couldn't find a community garden. In Bloomington it's easy to rent a garden plot--you just contact Parks and Recreation. But in Kansas City you have to call around and search through cryptic internet postings and blogs. Finally a kind man at the Kansas City Community Gardens center suggested we check with an Episcopal church (now the story comes full circle, eh?) a few blocks from where Frank lives. And sure enough, they had one more half plot, and we're going to start planting when I'm in Missouri for the Bach B Minor in two weeks. I'm ridiculously excited. Taking care of my garden last year was one of the most gratifying and amazing experiences I've ever had, and I can't wait to share that with Frank (who seems a little scared!). I hope to be a little more daring this summer with my vegetable-growing. Hopefully having a year of experience will help me get more out of the plants! So just wait, in a few weeks this blog will officially turn into Garden Blog!!

Well, I'm off. Gotta borrow some crutches from Brian and Amanda to take with me to Saint Louis tomorrow. Meeting Frank at the Best Western--how romantic!--and spending about 24 hours with him until I have to drive back to start an even busier week...

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Ed Grow said...

I heard you were amazing for Choral Onion last night! Good for you, I'm so proud of you, little lady. Check out seed if you haven't already. It has tons of heirloom pretty much the tomatoes look like a necrotic scrotum, but they are just heavenly tasting. My favorite is Black Crimean, a purple variety. Good luck with planting!