Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knitting F(r)iends!

So, my new Seattlite friend Erika introduced me to Ravelry, an online knitting community. Right now I'm grateful to Erika, and also hate her a little bit--Ravelry is my heaven, packed full of knitters and wonderful pattern ideas...but it wastes my life much more than even Facebook.

Well, I'm on Ravelry now, and have been "introduced" to my new knitting muse, this very talented Finlandian.  Her works and photography are beautiful.  She's my new best knitting friend!  She's given me an amazing scarf idea that I won't divulge until I make it myself, but I'll give her the credit for it.

On a different front, I'm packing up the apartment right now.  I move in 5/6 days (loading Thursday, driving Friday, officially moving in on Saturday).  It's really weird.  But I'm excited to make this new apartment a Lindsey Apartment!  Who knows what I'll do...

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