Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm sooooooooo sick. Last week was Thanksgiving, and maybe I'll blog about that sometime. But the reason I brought it up was that I spent it with Frank, and on the last day of our visit he started to feel a little sick. And sure enough, the next day I was sick, and he was better. And now I'm still sick.
Unfortunately it's nothing dramatic so people can't pity me too much. It's just a flu or a bad cold or something. But what really sucks is I have no TIME to be sick, no time to lie in bed and enjoy the perks of trying to get better.
I have two concerts this week, one of which I have a pretty hefty solo part... and unfortunately it's soemthing I've been rehearsing without any kind of understudy, so if I'm not able to sing it (the voice is gone today, btw) some one will have to sight read it (Andy?). I feel bad, like there's all this pressure on me to be able to sing. I don't like that.
And because I have no money and a two bedroom apartment and heating bills to pay, I have to find time to fit odd-jobs in to my schedule. So this week I'm dressing the Nutcracker. It's a fairly easy job for minimum wage payments, so that's cool. But it is NOT fun to show up to work every night until 10-ish, running around and lacing ballerinas into corsets with a runny nose and fever. It kind of kills the inherent magic of the Nutcracker.
So, balls.

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