Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bahh, don't worry

Sorry for all my recent depressed posts! It's really not all that bad here. But it's impossible to find a job. And, when I DO find a job opening, I'm usually too lazy to jump on it right away. But we'll see what happens with all that.

In terms of the tooth, I just went in for the final appointment today. Haha, yes, it took 4 dentist visits to fix this puppy up. But now it's all good and maybe someday I'll be able to bite into an apple again! The crazy thing is, I think I developed some TMJ issues that stemmed from all of the tooth trauma. I normally tense up my jaw a lot, but all that jaw tension has been worsened when I've been trying to isolate that tooth when I've been chewing. You know, messing with my bite and stuff like that. Well, not my jaw is suuuuuper sore, so I'll try to get that figured out. Man, I am a HOT.MESS.

But things are going well despite those two issues. Frank and I have been having a lot of fun here: cooking, baking, singing, goofing, etc. And I've been trying to make more time for things I really love, like knitting, singing, baking bread, and things like that.

So just really wanted to let you know that NO I'm not hanging myself in depression. NO my life is not terrible. It's all okay... And hopefully it'll be a lot better soon :)

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