Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long story short

My life is crazy right now.  Someone should make a sitcom.

Long story "short":

Kyle visits for a gig.  He gets really sick.  There is a snowstorm during his visit that falls on Palm Sunday, so we have to cancel one of the services at church, and also the donkey that I had to hire (yes, a donkey) had to cancel.  A few days later (holy week) I get REALLY sick (like kyle).  Being sick during Holy Week when you're the music director is kind of a mess.  I had to cancel on a Chorale concert for that Saturday, and then showed up to church Easter Sunday with a huge fever.  There was a brass quintet.  Oh, and found out that our pastor had a stroke.  Yup.  So she's in the hospital.  Easter was crazy.  I almost died.  Then this week I kept thinking I was better, but I kept getting sick again.  I finally go to the doctor and get lots of steroids so I can get through a concert at the STL Basilica on Saturday.  I BARELY get through said concert, then get back at 3:30 in the morning on Sunday.  wake up 3 hours later and go to church.  I break the communion cup and everyone freaks out.  This week we have a service modeled after Prairie Home Companion, but pastor is still gone and NO ONE knows what to do.  Stress city.  On top of that I get a fax from the donkey people saying that they showed up to church on palm sunday and no one was there and they want us to pay them.  That is a lie.  I am in a fight with a donkey.

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