Saturday, March 29, 2008

Options Schmoptions

I got a new schmoption today: I got accepted to BU's Early Music Program.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go there, whether or not I get accepted into NEC. The reasons? a) they're not giving me any money; b) BU is not as prestigious as NEC or Indiana; c) BU doesn't really have any great early music ensembles--instead, they collaborate with Boston Baroque; d) they don't have any early music voice teachers.
BUT, it's another option. I'm not sure yet. Of course, I never visited BU when I went to Boston. Maybe I should have done that...

ps: Mark and I got accepted into the Tallis Scholar's summer program! I will FINALLY be working with Janet Coxwell, whom I have been stalking (to her knowledge) for at least a year.


Fodoz said...

is this a vid of the Tallis Scholars?

Marky Jean said...

(yes, it is.)

I like the new modifications to the blog.