Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick, getting better

So, I've been crazy sick the past week.  CRAZY sick.  As in apartment-is-littered-with-tissues-and-glasses-of-orange-juice sick.  Today it was getting ridiculous so I went to the doctor and got some meds.  Apparently I have a sinus infection.  Or will.  Or might...   I don't really know.  But I got drugs, and that's all that really matters to me right now.  Last week I was making a breakthrough in my singing and I haven't sung since last Tuesday... unless you call that growling during Pro Arte singing...  The one good thing about being sing as balls is that I could actually sing the low Ds and Cs for Josquin.

So, I reacquainted myself with Curb Your Enthusiasm during my death rest.  I also discovered Pushing Daisies, which is awesome.  And I downloaded Super Mario RPG for my wii, which is probably proof that there is a God. (Thanks for the game, God)

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