Monday, November 3, 2008

Things I Miss About Columbia

I had the total meltdown of the semester on Friday.  I feel completely incompetent as a singer and miss everything that gave me comfort when I lived in Columbia.  Here's a few things that I wish I had here in Bloomington:

-The old ladies in the First Baptist Church Choir (well, especially the not-so-old ones like Robbie, Colleen, and Norma)
-The ease in which I used to recycle.  I can't find any recycling bins here in Bloomington and have boxes and boxes of recyclables stacked in my kitchen.
-Rachel AuBuchon, who (not-surprisingly) is irreplaceable.
-U Singers comradary
-Living with Mark, for SO many reasons.  But specifically for his insistence that I do the dishes and keep my shit out of the living room.
-Reality tv.  Bloomington HAS reality tv, but I'm too poor to afford cable right now.
-Gauchos, and how I could get three martinis and a plate of gross food for only 6 dollars...and watching Craig get ridiculously drunk...
-Schubertiads, formal and informal.  
-Kyle Stegall and all the hillarity that ensued whenever we got together.
-The inevitability of running in to Dr. Budds (smoking) every time you set foot on campus.
-The comfort of knowing everyone in the music school...and the discomfort of knowing that almost everyone had seen my nipples at some point.
-The Legend of Neil's Uncircumcised Penis.
-The shopping.  The mall here makes me depressed.
-The gays.  And their innate knowledge that I was their queen.
-Dr. Crabb's ability to say terrible, terrible things when prospective students and their conservative mothers came to visit rehearsals.
-Whitney Reed and Neil Ostercamp, between whom I had so many inside jokes it wasn't even funny.
-Mark Woodward, and all the things we would do together whether it was watching Will and Grace with a plateful of terrible Chinese food, or stylistically interpreting Bach inventions, or annoying each other at all hours so it was impossible to do any work.

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rachel said...

lindsey,....i miss you too, and your "oh-oh----oooohs". of course, i miss playing with one of my favorite people, perhaps we can over one of the breaks?
did you know that you have to have an identity to post on this thing? took me a while because i had to go find myself.....