Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate Blog!

I'm in a bad mood!
I'm just frustrated with a lot of stuff, particularly my singing. I feel like I don't know how to sing. Which is kind of awkward, because I think knowing how to sing is a prerequisite to getting a master's in singing. Whatever.
So I'm going to make a list of things that make me mad:
-Group back massages. What is that about? Why does every choir in the world think that it's appropriate to give group back massages as a warm-up? I don't want random people touching me, and I don't like giving massages, especially to random people.
-Bloomington's local stations. Basically, Bloomington doesn't get local stations unless you pay for cable. So cheapo me can't get local channels on my tv. Which is dumb, because isn't every person with a tv and a converter box supposed to be able to get local channels so they can at least see the news and the weather? All I get is THREE PBS channels. Who knew that PBS has three channels?
-Early music. Why am I studying this stuff? No one knows. It's annoying. I guess I like the music, but I don't like people going around saying that people who sing anything after Mozart are "modern singers" and that A=440 is WAY TOO HIGH.
-The "reply to all" feature on email. I never remember to press "reply to all" and so I never send out group responses when I'm supposed to. And I hate that. Why is this a skill I have not yet mastered? (and by "skill" I mean pressing a button)
-Paying bills. I don't like bills. I think they're dumb. And I don't have money to pay them. And sometimes I forget to pay them. I am retarded. But so are bills. So we're even.
-Travelocity. Travelocity is dumb because it says "Fly to Portland for only $150!" So I go to their site and they say "Sorry, that price is no longer availible. EVER." So it makes me mad. Why do they send me emails letting me know that I can go fly to see my best friend for an affordable price, when it's just a big lie?
-People who are not on facebook. Okay, facebook is dumb. But everyone is on it. Parents, teachers, junior high students. EVERYONE is on facebook. So when someone isn't on facebook, I have no idea how to contact them when I need to. Or find out if the guy I like has a girlfriend. 
-Animal Crossing. Now, some of you are probably like "Lindsey LOVES Animal Crossing." But I hate it. I really do. It's a dumb wii game that has ruined my life. I give it so much love and affection and it gives me nothing back! I hate Animal Crossing. I really do.
-Competition. I hate competition. I hate people who think that music is a big competition. Seriously, did I not get the memo? Who randomly decided that singing was a game, and why did everyone at IU decide to follow this person in thinking that we must be competative in order to be successful? Because it's not true.
-I also hate the person who decided that dating was a game, with rules. Because that's dumb and we all know it.

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