Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kinda Blonde



So, I'm kinda blonde now.  I'm totally liking it.  Back to my roots, you know?

It's been such a crazy week since I came back from Spring Break, but maybe the blonde is improving my quality of life, because things have been totally okay.  Busy, but good.

My apartment is a mess.  Atrocious.  OMG.

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Ed Grow said...

I'll be honest, I miss the maroon-haired Lindsey. But you do look *cute* as a blond.

The Gruberova video you posted is absolutely out of control. I can't believe Strauss every thought that more than a handful of freaks could sing that.

I always thought of your voice as more of a Christa Ludwig: a warm mezzo with a soprano top.

Craig and I went to see a Renaissance music group in SF last weekend, and they weren't as bad as I imagined. It's awakened my suppressed love of early church music. Oh, Allegri.