Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singing and Chardonnay

Still haven't decided about my hair... hm... The dying of my hair from blonde to brown four years ago was kind of ritualistic, as it aided in a huge life change.  So I feel like the dying-back needs to be ritualistic as well.  It's hard when I've put that kind of pressure on a dye job.

I've had a long day.  I think I learned how to sing today.  Recently I've been surrounding myself with Youtube videos of Edita Gruberova and I think somehow something clicked.  Yesterday I went to the practice room and sang for two hours, and today I did the same.  And I sounded like a different person.  So I got home at 7:30 and was exhausted.  I'm making curry and just opened a bottle of Charles Shaw chardonnay, and nothing seems like a better reward.  

It seems like the secret to singing is confidence, inspiration, and a clear idea of what you want to sound like.  God, I've been having so much trouble singing lately.  And I think it's because I've had strange ideas of what I need to sound like.  And when I heard Gruberova I heard the voice I wanted to sound like, and had the potential of sounding like (uh, I by no means think I'll ever be able to sing Zerbineta or even sing as high, but I'm talking about her general sound...).  And as soon as I had a new sound ideal in my head, everything about my singing changed.  And how long has it been since I've spent two hours in the practice room two days in a row?

By the way, some day I'll post about my fab New York trip with Kyle.  But now I'm too uninspired :)

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