Monday, July 26, 2010

In Which Lindsey Slowly Loses Her Mind:

Okay, here comes a rant. I think...

I have been officially living in Kansas City for two weeks, now! As in, I am living with ALL of my stuff in my new residence, with an actual Kansas City address!

(By the way, when I just typed Kansas City, I typed "cansas city". Seriously).

I started the moving process four weekends ago, over the weekend of July 4th. It was exhilarating to pack up and move out of Bloomington, and Frank and I lit a fire under ourselves to make the move really efficient. I was crazy proud of us.

What we forgot, however, was that Frank also had to move out of his place. So, after we were completely moved in with my stuff, we realized that Frank had a whole other apartment of HIS stuff waiting to be packed and hauled. And neither of us wanted anything to do with it.

Fast forward to this week, almost a month later: have we packed Frank's apartment yet? Not really... We STARTED last night, and gave up when I saw just how many cups he has (yes, Frank has a LOT of cups). We have to be out by Saturday. And Frank works an insane amount this week. But then, once we DO pack it up, where are we putting these boxes? In our adorable living room? Uh, no. Does this mean we're shoving the 20 lb boxes of kitchen ware in the basement until I know what to do with them? I suppose so. Thank god we have a basement.

Last night we were so frustrated by the prospect of MORE MOVING, that we went to the garden instead. And spent an hour or so there, weeding, picking, rearranging pumpkin vines... Pumpkins, by the way, take up a LOT of space. I mean, we planted 4 pumpkin plants, and now they've taken over our entire garden, wrapping around tomatoes and crushing peppers. No one even knows what to do. But our garden is awesome and is now supplying us with endless cucumbers, adorable patty pan squashes, cherry tomatoes, okra, and enough other goodies for us to get excited about SOMETHING during the mess of this move...

Hopefully next weekend we will be DONE. And I will take a thousand pictures because this townhouse is too gosh darn cute not to document on the internet.

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Arwen said...

Good luck with that... Have you considered taking Frank's kitchen wares to Goodwill? I mean, other than that deep fryer, what does he have that you don't have cuter? Really. Also, I am way jealous of your garden. Next year you should have big tomatoes so I can come steal them and have 1 million tomato sandwiches, because that's all I want but I don't have any homegrown tomatoes and there's no point with grocery store ones. Also also, I am way excited to see you next week. And I want to see pictures as soon as possible.