Friday, July 30, 2010

Woody Strikes Again

I love that even if a Woody Allen movie is absolutely terrible, I'm always bawling by the end. Because somehow Woody has managed to wrench a beautiful ending out of every circumstance--good, bad, or poorly acted.

I'm saying this because I spent the past two hours watching one of Woody's recents (Whatever Works, which, by the way, stars the amazing Larry David) with my newly-sprained foot icing on a pillow. Frank and I decided to check out a sushi bar across the street, and after an amazing meal, in the euphorea that ensued, I stepped in a hole on the way home and sprained the BALLS out of my ankle. I have terrible ankles and have sprained each one quite a bit, but this was one was particularly painful. And poor Frank, who has to be out of his apartment by tomorrow, went by himself to clean and move his stuff out...

I feel awful. The poor thing. There's so much work to be done, and I can't even stand on my own! But he just called and agreed to bring me home ice cream. And I realized, even if the day ended in a sprain, poor luck, and even this terribly-written blog, it was still beautiful in the end.

Thanks Woody.

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Arwen said...

Way to tie it all together at the end. ;) I'm so sorry about your ankle!! That's definitely balls, and even more balls that Frank had to get out alone, and even MORE balls that I see you on Tuesday and you might not be able to walk! Feel better soon... and at least you don't have to worry about moving any more. For a long time.