Monday, January 14, 2008

Battle of the Blogs

Today I walked in on Mark and found him blogging. It's always a little scary to walk in on Mark because he could be masturbating (in fact, that's a high probability). But today his door was cracked open slightly, signaling either A) it was okay to come on in, or B) he was masturbating and forgot to close the door. But, he was blogging. Not a cool, fun, bitchy blog...but a mormon friendly family blog that masks his real identity. I don't know how I feel about that. I, personally, would like a record of my witticism, which, indeed, is NOT mormon friendly. Let's see whose blog is the best in this BATTLE OF THE BLOGS!

Today I have to go to campus and work on this COMP stuff. My job is dumb and I'm not particularly good at it: it's all about communication with people I don't know, and organization, which are two of my weaknesses. Everyone knows I'm bad at it, too. So, I'm kind of a joke around the office. I like not telling Tina and Susan I'm there, so maybe I can catch some gossip about me through the office walls (this, by the way, HAS happened). The biggest issue in COMP right now is getting the judging done for the contest. But, on top of this, this corporate PR bitch named Bridgette keeps calling me. INCESSANTLY! She's quite a whore.  I've gotten her off my case for the past few days. Let's see if today's meeting with my boss erases her from my life forever. 

Last night Mark and I split a bottle of wine and then pretty much fell asleep. It was nice--being drunk for about 45 minutes and then immediately losing all control of consciousness. I had a bad dream about a bitch in a hostel in Holland who got mad at me for ducking under a curtain instead of pushing it aside when I walked through it. That's dumb.

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