Friday, January 25, 2008


Today I woke up and my throat felt like it had been clawed all night long as I was sleeping. I stayed in my bathrobe all day and watched bad tv until choir, which sucked.
Despite my being sick, I rehearsed with Rachel for my audition a week from tomorrow. Let me emphasize how much I love Rachel AuBuchon. She is wildly intelligent, stimulating, entertaining, beautiful, honest, and she is the most musical person I know. Rehearsing with her was very therapeutic. She had these wrist warmers that ONLY Rachel AuBuchon could wear, and she let me wear them the whole time. She was so happy, which made me fell happy. Afterwards we went to her place and read through some music (Rameau and Respighi), and then headed out to McGinty's for some drinks.
McGinty's is right next to our apartment, but I've never been there. Rachel's boyfriend Glen works there as a bartender and she goes all the time. Rachel is one of those girls who goes to bars alone and sits at the bar with a book. I love that about her. McGinty's was great. We got glasses of Boulevard and played Shuffleboard. Mark joined us later on and Glen made us all carrot cake shots. When he was done we all played pool and drank. Rachel is crazy about Glen, and I'm so happy for her.
Mark and I came back home, and it was then that I realized how sick I really was. He made me dinner and I am very thankful for that.
My plan for the weekend is to rest and get better for my Indiana audition. Mark just informed me that he can't accompany me to Indiana that Saturday, so I have to con someone else to go with me. Or else it will be my mom, and I don't know how I feel about that.

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