Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cucumber Madness!

So, this is the recent cucumber from my garden. I don't know why it's so long or why it curves around to form almost a full circle. I have NO idea what kind of cucumber it is--I remember Elise and I bought the fastest-maturing cucumber seedling. But I've never seen anything like these things!
But it's pretty cool that when you turn it on its side it forms the letter C... for "cucumber"!
And thinking outside the box, the cucumber functions pretty well as a necklace. Don't ask how I came up with this, but if I was feeling more avant-garde than usual, I suppose I WOULD wear it outside... I guess it's too interesting to eat, at least for me as I am not a particular fan of cucumbers...


Fodoz said... can just wear it around your house. ;)

Ed Grow said...


Oh, how I love you, darling. Bach = yes. Phallic cucumbers = yessity-yes! I'm sure you will sound ab-fab, Bach always fit your voice like a glove.

I shiver with anticipation for your 'crazies' blog post. Can you please include all of your Sam Smith stories? I have nostalgia for CoMO crazyfaces.


Ed Grow said...

OMG, you will never leave your computer:


Daniel G S said...

Forget the Cucumber... look at your gorgeous smile.