Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have a future!

Yesterday I got an acceptance letter from Indiana's Early Music Institute. I'm so happy! So now, no matter what happens, I WILL be attending graduate school--at one of the top early music schools in the nation!
Now that I at least have a future I'm working on summer music opportunities. I know this sounds dumb, but I'm going to try to do the Tallis Scholar's Summer School. It might be hokey, but Dr. Crabb suggested it and told me he can introduce me to Peter Phillips next Saturday at the T.S. concert in Kansas City. I mean, you never know... I'm also going to audition for the Bach festival in Eugene, OR. I probably won't make that because I think it will be too competitive. But if I DO happen to make it, they pay room and board and a stipend, I think, for three weeks... 
I'm acting like I'm the master of early music, which is in NO WAY true. I just feel like I should start planning my future now that I know I won't be teaching in a junior high in a town with "R-2" in the title.

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