Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I just went to Addison's with Whitney and crew. Sometimes I think I am a bit of an alcoholic, until I drink two beers and get drunk, and I realize I'm a regular consumer. So I'm a little drunk. (does that make sense? It doesn't, really... but it doesn't matter because I'm the only person who reads this)

Last week I ran a summer camp for COMP and was also the chorus master for Pirates of Penzance with the Missouri Symphony. What a week... Yesterday I sang a Bach aria from a lost cantata with members of MOS for their chamber concert. It was kind of thrilling to perform with professionals (even though I'm not happy with my performance), and it convinced me that I'm getting into the right field.

Mark is leaving next week (presumably). It's kind of weird. I'm not thinking about it. I'm not sad yet, but I'm not allowing myself to be. I imagine when it actually DOES happen that I'll be a mess. Ice cream and supportive friends welcome at this time.

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