Sunday, July 20, 2008


It's very weird and unsettling to be in a transition right now.  I'm here in Columbia, just kind of hanging out and waiting to start my new life in Bloomington.  I'm leaving in less than a month (and spending a week and a half out west) and I don't have any time to move FORWARD.  So I'm just here, wasting time until the next portion of my life starts.  It's kind of upsetting.  Mark always calls with stories about his new life and I'm so excited for him, but he's moving forward and I'm just waiting.  By myself.  It's a weird feeling.

It's like, the only emotions I have time for right now are excitement and sadness.  I'm excited about the future, but so sad about what I'm leaving behind.  

Apparently Mark is eating tofu coconut smoothies.  Who is my friend?  It's weird that he's already started a new life.  Kind of depressing for me as I sit on my ass and watch Will and Grace by myself.

But don't feel bad, readers (I'd be lucky if there were two of you).  Tonight I made a good dinner and mixed lemonade with iced tea and picked myself up.

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