Sunday, September 27, 2009


So I had this whole weekend free. No plans. No one to see. Just me and my free will!

Yesterday I made Magnolia cupcakes from scratch. It was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. The recipe called for a mix of all-purpose and self-rising flour. I kind of improvised the self-rising part and the cupcakes turned out pretty dense and compact, but the icing more than made up for it...
And then today I came home from church and decided it was time to start knitting again. Hoping to start a hat for Frank but finding myself without proper materials, I taught myself to crochet instead. The end product of today's craft session is this super-cute, mildly-wearable headband (which I'm sure would look better with more than a half-ass attempt at styling, and maybe freshly washed hair):

And, since the weather was so gosh darn cool and perfect, I decided to usher in fall (i.e. soup season) with my famous Thai Chili (which isn't really MY recipe as it was invented by Mark a few years ago). You really need to make it. It's incredible.

I think the best thing about fall is soup. This is strange for me to say because I'm not a huge soup fan, but when soup is good, it's REALLY good! I love that you can spend a lazy Sunday in the kitchen and miraculously the wonder soup keeps for a week and feeds you meal after meal. A poor foodie's dream!

But so-long to this domesticity for a while. I'm gearing up for a really busy week culminating with a 16 hour (total) drive to see Frank for... about 16 hours...

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Fodoz said...

the soup looks AWESOME and i kind of want to make it tomorrow night.