Friday, October 2, 2009

Shane Returns!

Good news, everybody! Shane is back on YouTube!!

He was my favorite internet sensation back in 2005, only to disappear for several years and reemerge, just as clueless as ever! You might remember him from such classics as "How to sing a C an Octave above a high C" and "Away in a Manger" where he creatively (unknowingly) replaces "Jesus" with "Jahushua."

I love him so much. So, SO much.


James said...

You have officially made my day, and I needed it! SHANE!

Sharon said...

Wow. Amazing.

Ed Grow said...

So hilarious! I love how his pitch doesn't change for multiple octaves but yet he keeps on trying!

He would fit in with the CoMO crazies.


rachel said...

something is different about shane. he is a bit more comatose than before, if that is possible. you know who i love even more than shane? lindsey lang......
thanks to you, my mom's new favorite phrase is "amaze-balls"